Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

341. The Golden Palominos – “This is How it Feels”

My good mate Matt (mover and shaker of late in the up and coming music scene of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) has had a noticeable impact on my CD collection.

His raves about obscure acts have often prompted random album purchases (especially when I’m in a second-hand store). I’m certain that’s where this one came from.

As you may have gathered from my sporadic performance on this blog, I am not necessarily good at following through on a task. So, I bought this CD, but don’t think I’ve listened to it much. In my mind I was sure this was going to be some alt-country collection (the equine reference led my down that deadend).

It is a long way from dusty boots and errant facial hair. It is an atmospheric, arty, ambient set, with breathy female vocals over refreshingly organic grooves. The lack of overt electronica keeps it feeling human and warm.

The album is at its best when the lady in question sings rather than doing that rather clichéd spoken word thing (which is far too close to Madonna’s Vogue dalliance).

This is a delicious, mature cognac-sipping soundtrack to a quiet night in that might, just might, get melodramatic and freakish and end up in a car chase.

File under: Feels a little naughty