342. Golden Rough – “Twin Firs”

G is proving a hotbed for Aussie action. And it all happens in threes (as in three album careers) from male-dominated, guitar-toting bands from the 1990s.

This is the debut full-lengther from this Sydney country-tinged combo.

It kicks off like it might be a You Am I album. Joe Fisher’s Blues would not be out of place on Hourly Daily.

The album settles down after that into a warm, even-paced, alt-country rock effort. This is alt-country of the easy listening, poppish variety.  The only real country elements are the use of steel (and occasionally pedal steel)  guitar, and the ever-so-slightly-stretched vocals. Think Pernice Brothers (the Roughies played as Joe Pernice’s backing band on at least one tour of Australia) and you’ve pretty much got the vibe.

Lead singer Dave Orwell does have a similar voice to You am I’s Tim Rogers, but none of the British Beat affectation.  He plays off well against the guitar riffs and rhythms.

The songwriting is strong, weaving self-contained tales of travels and loves.

This album does stumble once or twice and doesn’t really have a killer track, but it’s a damn fine afternoon listen.

File under: Warming

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