Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

344. Golden Rough – “Provenance”

The non-Aussies amongst you may be unfamiliar with the origin of the Golden Rough name.

It is the brand of a Nestlé-produced chocolate-covered coconut biscuitie bar.

I presume the band adopted this moniker to indicate the sweetness of their sound. Dave Orwell’s vocals get even more delicate and delectible on this their third and apparently final album.

While this album doesn’t hit the heights of their previous one, it is a pleasant listen.

The tracks are typically slow paced, with some lovely harmonies. The songwriting is excellent again.

Lucinda is a neat treatise on the pleasures of sharing a musical love. The title track laments suburban life’s lack of blues inspirations.

I miss this band and the little splashes of dappled light they used to bring to my life.

File under: A danger to diabetics