345. Gomez – “Liquid Skin”

The whole point of the blog has been to overcome my prejudices against some CDs in my collection and revisit the dust-gatherers.

This is a prime example of an album that has been ignored like a redheaded stepchild for almost a decade.

I bought this on the recommendation of someone, played it a couple of time and dismissed it as tryhard roots action from some pompous Brits.

I finally gave it another spin today, and it would seem I have calmed down a bit in my old age.

Sure it still sounds a little too hard like some Pearl Jam/Ben Harper hybrid, but there are some glimpses of creativity within there, and an apparent love for all things Southern rock (with a stoner bent).

I’ll ignore the fact that these guys are pasty white Poms who wouldn’t know a catfish, a swamp or a ‘gator if it bit them on their proverbials because, well, neither would I. And pining for the traditions of a land across the Atlantic never hurt Clapton or the Stones.

There are bands that do this much, much better (e.g. The Black Crowes), but I’ll be happy to play this album again in the next year or two, especially this track:

File under: Worth revisiting

One response to “345. Gomez – “Liquid Skin”

  1. See, such a lack of interest in this album surprises me. Though it may not have the credibility of many “classic” albums, this works for me every time I have put it on, which is quite a lot. It sits comfortably with othergood but not great albums that bring a smile to my face like debut albums by Cornershop and Kula Shaker.

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