347. Gossip – “Standing in the Way of Control”

I can’t recall a more impressive break-through single this decade than the title track of this album.

It blasted out of the radio sounding like some mad scientist had concocted a musical beastie with one part Pat Benatar to two parts Aretha Franklin over a bouillabaisse of post-punk, disco and electro-rock (or something like that):

Any album with such a powerful headline track was going to pale in comparison. But the band do a good job of trying to keep up. The pace is unrelenting. The beats come thick and fast, as do the riffs (guitar and keys). Fire with Fire and Coal to Diamonds are particularly strong tracks, while Yr Mangled Heart is only a strong chorus away from topping the title effort.

This is NOT good office background music. I have struggled with writing this consulting report as Beth and co keep distracting me. I feel some ‘Flashdance’-like compulsion to dance.

Indeed, that may be the best description of the band’s sound. They should be penning ’80s soundtracks aplenty.

File under: Control is in trouble

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