348. Gossip – “Music for Men”

This whole report-writing caper has certainly suffered in the face of the Gossip onslaught.

Their most recent long-player is a more coherent, almost seamless collection than SITWOC. I have been transported toa diva-rrific world of pounding drums, soaring vocals and anthems for empowerment of all kinds.

Beth Ditto’s voice is utilised even more effectively here.  She really knows how to make a lyric, well…sing.  Her ooo-ooohs and “cruel worlds” on Heavy Cross it is pretty irresistable stuff:

That track is probably the most electro on the album (i.e. there isn’t quite as much of that ‘jigger, jigger’ sound elsewhere).

Again, the trio deliver song after song that would have me jumping around if I saw them live (my missus had the good fortune of catching them in Adelaide earlier this year and is still raving) and heading to the dancefloor if I ventured anywhere that’d spin these tunes.  The opener Dime Store Diamond, Four Letter Word and Love Long Distance all get my heart rate leaping.

Just remind me to play this album somewhere other than my office in future.

File under: Not music for productivity

One response to “348. Gossip – “Music for Men”

  1. Can’t recommend seeing Beth Ditto live highly enough! We saw her in Vancouver when she had a terrible cold, but she croaked on through to the other side vehemently and leapt into the audience at the end to sing with us at the end… Plus she’s got the same initials as me.

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