351. The Grates – “Teeth Lost, Hearts Won”

Yesterday I supposed that I would have been even more appreciative of the Grates’ debut if I was a decade and a half younger and thus willing and able to push myself up near the front and embrace the ecstatic vibe of it all (ok, I am paraphrasing/embellishing). 

Their follow-up is an album I’m sure I would have embraced with greater enthusiasm back in the day.

It’s got that “more difficult” second-album thing going in. 

There isn’t a killer single.  Oh Yeah is the most obvious contender and wouldn’t crack the top 5 from album #1:

The sound is more polished, but more predictable.  It ain’t nearly as poppy.  It feels like the band feared becoming the Frente of their generation, and thus put away their silly hats and instead embraced the more surly Yeah Yeah Yeahs side of their personality.

I’m probably being harsh here. Milk Eyes works, as does Burn Bridges.

As a younger man, I would have spent more time with the album, allowing myself to be seduced by its standoffishness, delighting in my persistence and sophistication in “getting it”.

I ain’t got that in me anymore, especially on a rainy day ill-suited to brash electro-rock.

File under: My patience is lost


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