353. Green Day – “Dookie”

Here’s a CD from the wife’s collection.

She clearly embraced Calif-skate punk more than I ever did. But, as I comment to her regularly, she does have good taste.

It was hard to ignore Green Day around the time of this release. They released classic single after classic single and occupied a lot of music video land. They even (eventually) ended up soundtracking a Seinfeld episode (and now have their own Broadway Musical – which is sort of a punk-ish act in its contrariness).

But before all that came this explosion of an album. It is almost the Thriller of pop-punk, featuring as it does five big hit singles.

When I Come Around is the most contagious, Basket Case the one with longest bridge and most scope for air-drum action, but it’s always been Longview that did it for me. The power toms and the witty lyrics keep it fresh:

The highs on this album are mountainous.

The rest pales considerably. When Billy isn’t spitting lyrics, it’s all pretty straightforward guitar power-pop of the sort The Young Fresh Fellows played to much less fanfare.

As we own no more Green Day, I’m using this review to also embed my favourite vid from the boys:

File under: Horse management anyone?…


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