357. The Guild League – “Inner North”

Tali White headed home for this album… in a physical sense, in terms of song content and also with respect to sound.

This sounds much more like a long-lost Lucksmiths album. The experimentation is toned down. The pace is a more consistent. What distinguishes it is Tali’s ongoing growth as a songwriter.  He carefully crafts tunes that feel far from throwaway.

There’s nothing as in-your-face poppy as in the debut. Citronella comes pretty close. Shot in the Arm is a regretful hangover tune which is far faster than anything you’d want to encounter on such a morning. Time Please Gents captures the start of the counterbalancing languorous night before.

Scientists takes the self-centredness of loving couples to a new, astronomical level. Animals turns the Bloodhound Gang’s twee.

Like the Luckas, the Guild League are a little weather obsessed. Shirtless Sky and The Storm are cases in point:

This has been a perfect soundtrack for sitting in our study watching the world go by (and our painters finishing the facade).  Our absence of front door (getting stripped) has meant the weather has been suitably chilly too.

File under: Get some Northern exposure

(I have been slack and not picked the Guild League’s third release.  I will do so, but in the meantime check out my younger bro’s take on it.)

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