358. Guns N’Roses – “Appetite for Destruction”

You might think this is some embarrassing legacy of a misspent youth, but I actually bought this a year ago.

I’ve had a soft spot for Sweet Child O’Mine, and when I spied the CD in a discount bin I pounced.

Now I am but a tourist in the complex world of hair metal. But I did have a lengthy obsession with Van Halen in my teens, and a dalliance with Twisted Sister (the former will get a good run when I get to the V reviews. The latter were lost in the brutal cassette purge of 2001).

I know what I like in my lycra and leather-clad rock: screaming guitar solos, swagger, some big anthems, plus variety and humour.

This album has three big anthems – SCOM, Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City. The latter two have held up OK, but don’t have as much grunt or grime as I would like.

Where this album (and the band) fall down is the lack of smirks. These guys take themselves far too seriously. There is no experimentation, no sidesteps into other genres.

Sure Slash can ride a fretboard better than most, but he can’t sustain an album.

Thankfully Sweet Child is still an astounding feat of song-writing (and execution):

File under: One delicious morsel a feast does not make


2 responses to “358. Guns N’Roses – “Appetite for Destruction”

  1. Jordy Schellebeck

    I must admit; one of my guilty pleasures. Introduced to me by one Pablo Dawes with endless repetition of “Mr.Brownstone”. Life was simple then…

  2. This album is insanely good! All the lesser known titles are now big faves for me – Rocket Queen, My Michelle, Think About You… This is the awesomest album ever made!

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