360. Buddy Guy – “Bring ‘em In”

Perhaps this could be seen as the bridge between Guthrie and Guns n’Roses.  Buddy busts out a riff like the best of them, but his songs come straight of the American songbook.

I think I need to be a bit more judicious in my blues CD purchases. This is yet another collection from an icon of the artform where he just trots out a pile of tunes we all know and does his subtle re-intrepretation thereof.

Some of the song selections are decidely unimaginative (I Put a Spell on You, Lay Lady Lay, On a Saturday Night).  Buddy trots out his, well, buddies Carlos Santana, John Mayer and Keith Richards. 

I am well aware that the blues ouevre is obsessed with the cover version, but it all comes across as pretty unadventurous and conservative.

Guy has some very audible strengths. His licks are clean and smooth.  His voice has great depth and pacing. Having seen him on stage I can vouch for his presence and prowess.

I just think I should have picked up an album of originals.

File under: Trying Guy

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