368. Camille – “Le Fil”

My lovely, linguistically able wife purchased this Gallic CD a couple of months back, and I’ve finally got around to reviewing it.

I did a couple of years of French at school, but my retained knowledge thereof doesn’t stretch far beyond “je m’appelle” and “voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir”.

So an album entirely en Français is a little wasted on me in a lyrical sense. As such, I just tend to listen to it as an exercise in vocal gymnastics.  Thankfully, Miss Camille does seem to be doing a lot of doopedy-do stuff. Even more thankfully she stays this side of Bobby McFerrin gimmicky.

The album has an upbeat, summer feel and Camille certainly has an engaging vocal style.  She bears some similarity to Iceland’s two female forces Bjork and Emiliana Torrini as she ventures up and down the vocal scales with ease.

Her voice is regularly a percussive instrument, as on this track (about being stuck on a boat?):

I’d probably like this more if I understood it, but it moves me in the right way.

One warning/complaint: the final track is some weird barely audible 30 minute hummed/droned fade out which does mess with your mind (well, my weak one anyway).

File under: French for yodel?


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