369. The Black Keys – “Brothers”

Here’s one final recent purchase before we dive into H-land.

The Black Keys have a lot to live up to around here, perched as they are atop my ranking list.

They’ve never been reluctant to explore new avenues and move beyond garageland.  While last time, they seemed keener on the experiment than the hits, this time round they have really nailed a new sound, one more soulful and southern.

Dan’s increasingly falsetto vocals match the funkier sound, and some of the grooves are simply irresistable.

I’ve resigned myself to them never retreating back to the simple two-man outfit feeding off huge, pounding drum riffs.  Next Girl and Ten Cent Pistol are probably the closest they get here:

Luckily, even a slightly more staid BKs still kicks the arse of pretty much any outfit out there.

The Blakroc adventure has added a new rhythm-method to the BK arsenal.  Tighten Up is an immediate classic sure to be sampled in the years to come:

This album doesn’t require or prompt the neighbour-raising volumes of their early work. Instead it reflects two music lovers and genuine artists laying down a delicious feast of varied flavours, sweet, spicy and soulful.

File under: Soul Brothers #1 & 2


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