370. H2O – “amanzi’mtoti”

This album almost got reviewed back in the As, as we’d always assumed AManzi’mtoti was the act’s name here.

We picked this CD up a few years back while visiting my wife’s family in South Africa. This duo are a couple of lads from Soweto rapping mainly in Zulu.

Not surprisingly, I am even less conversant in Zulu than I am French. Thankfully, occasional tracks are predominantly English. Furthermore, Zulu seems well-suited to the genre, with a natural rhythm and also fascinating sounds.

I suspect in several instances the MCs are riffing off the language so as to create certain percussive effects.

They bring in some talented backing vocalists to flesh out various tracks (e.g. Enuff is Enuff) including Ella Fitzgerald for some of the excellent It’s Wonderful.

They also manage to deliver a very effective anthem for a whole continent (and people beyond) with African, a reggae-powered track that would do a Marley proud. They were stiff to not see this included in the recent World Cup action, especially given its unifying theme.

I enjoy the laid back vibe of this release. It evokes the smoke-hazed output of Cypress Hill.  And there isn’t a vuvuzela in sight!!

File under: A tasty drop

One response to “370. H2O – “amanzi’mtoti”

  1. Hi, just wondering if you would be able to share this album? I’m trying to listen to it but can’t find it anywhere on the net.

    Let me know if you’d be okay with that,

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