371. Darren Hanlon – “Hello Stranger”

I distinctly remember this CD arriving by mail and us devouring it.  We listened to it all the way down to Port Fairy Folk Fest, and then scared Hanlon by singing along to much of the material at his gig.  He didn’t realise the album had been sent to early purchasers and commented that it was freaky to have someone reading his mind.

My fanboy ways have levelled off a great deal since then, but I still take much delight with this collection of acoustic pop pleasures.

I am a sucker for a quirky couplet and this album is chockfull.  I could cite truckloads of them, but pick your faves from here.

The big plus here is the diversity of ideas, his phrasing experiments and curious perspectives.

The tribute to invention (The Kickstand Song) is great. Punk’s Not Dead has lost some freshness over time, but was so much fun at the time.  Operator…get me Sweden puns and rhymes perfectly.

My persistent favourite is the gorgeous The Last Night of Not Knowing You, but this is the only tune I can find a vaguely decent clip of (he does sing eventually):

I could go on and on about this. Buy it.

File under: No Stranger Danger

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