373. Darren Hanlon – “Fingertips and Mountaintops”

As I was saying, Dazza Hanlon has been one a clear trajectory away from guitar-strumming to much more complex musical compositions.

I am not the most sophisticated music listener, nor a particularly patient man.  As such, I have grown a little disheartened with my relationship with the Hanlon oeuvre.

I have found his songs harder to get into.  So, spending some time with this album has been a welcome opportunity to see if I’ve been too harsh.

First, I should say that Daz can still nail a lyrical composition like few others. The tale of bumping into (literally) a movie star on Elbows is a praiseworthy feat of storytelling and metaphor:

Couch Surfing is a welcome throwback to his earlier songwriting.  The combo of Don’t Bogart my Heart and Happiness is a Chemical are well-constructed expositions on love.  The latter has a fun video where Dazza reveals Glee-like dance prowess:

The epic Manila NSW sees Hanlon opening up a whole new possible career in the world of musical theatre. The rest of the album leaves me very cold unfortunately, with none of those tracks sticking in my memory at all.  But half a great album is better than a whole average one.

File under: Tickling fancy, but unable to maintain peaks


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