375. Happyland – “Welcome to…”

It’s a chilly morning here in Melbourne.  I am trying to finish a referee’s report on an academic article, yet I’m being sucked into a perversely perky private party on my stereo.

This side-project by then-coupled Spiderbait and Regurgitator members is pretty much exactly what you’d expect if you brought those two bands together (we’ll see more from both bands on here in a couple of years time).

It’s trashy guitars, big cheesy sequencer riffs, choruses that stick and vocals that could come straight of some manga comic about a pop band in the 23rd century.

Well, at least that’s the go for the two big singles Don’t you know who I am? and Hello!, plus the theme track and the opener Chicken?

The remainder is more indulgent electronica which, while not jarring, and reasonably coherent within the album context, is nothing that I’ll be rushing to revisit.

Having only listened to fellow BrisVegans The Grates a couple of weeks ago, it has been fun to revisit a genuine precursor to said band.  Even the costume habits look a little familiar:

File under: Welcome to singles-land


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