377. Ed Harcourt – “From Every Sphere”

I am a surprisingly lazy music listener.  Despite owning four Ed Harcourt albums, I only play his debut with any regularity.

This follow-up has been very much the red-headed stepchild in comparison.  That perhaps reflects the ridiculous decision to install copy protection on the CD, meaning I’ve never managed to get it onto my iPod (which also explains the one-day delay in this review).

Giving it a thorough run-through I’m a little torn.  I want to like Ed and his crooning, but it all fails to really grab me here.  The tunes wash over me but leave no notable residue.

It’s far from awful.  His voice is still a pleasure, and the energy levels are upbeat enough to keep my attention.  I just want to hear something that hangs around in my head like the tracks on his debut.

The strongest tracks on here – Watching The Sun Come Up and All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed – justify throwing it in the CD player, but I suspect I’ll find myself back in debut land pretty soon.

File under: Not quite the belle of the ball


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