378. Hard-Ons – “Dateless Dudes Club”

I thought I’d break up the Harcourt sequence with something very different.

Now, I’m a little unsure whether this qualifies as an album.  There appears to be some disagreement out there in the inter-Tubes.  With only eight tracks and a playing time of 24 minutes or so, I suspect doesn’t quite qualify, but, hey, I’ve been listening to it, so you should hear about it.

This is another of my missus’ diverse contributions to the collection, and I presume reflects some misspent teenagerdom.

Indeed, misspent youth is the raison d’être of this still-rocking Sydney lads.

The album is a rapid-paced, pop-punk of the very fun, very approachable kind.  This collection does include any of their more ribald tunes (unfortunately), but it captures a sound and vibe that meets a certain need.

Alas, that need ain’t sitting at my desk, but so be it.  Loud, with low-priced beer, shouted conversation and a bit of sweaty hair twirling (back when I had the tresses) would be much more appropriate.

What I like about this is the power guitar, pop sensibility, and the unconstrained joy.

I couldn’t easily find a clip from this album (and didn’t feel like continuing to search for the vids with the band’s name), so here’s a track of theirs I’ve always liked:

File under: You don’t have to be desperate


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