380. Ed Harcourt – “The Beautiful Lie”

Here’s the third of the post-debut albums from Ed Harcourt that have gathered a lot of dust on my shelf since their purchase and my initial cursory.

It has been worth persisting with these revisits, however, as this disc reveals itself to be the best of the trio.

The histrionics of the past couple have been toned down, and Harcourt settles into a more consistent groove.  Sure, the groove still feels a little like a rut. And a maudlin one at that, but there is more light amongst the shade.

Harcourt seems to have accepted his lot on this CD.  No longer is he chasing the big single. Meanwhile, he is more sympathetic to the listener in delivering more consistent, almost jazz-pop, piano-heavy tunes.

Just to contradict all that, here’s the most single-worthy tune on the album… and not being played on the old goanna:

I’ve resigned myself to not finding another CD that I love from Mr. Harcourt, but I could see the possibility of playing this album again some dark, rainy afternoon.

File under: Unlikely to warrant flame-retardant pants

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