381. Ben Harper – “The Will to Live”

I’ve never got the global (or is it really just Australia’s?) fascination with Ben Harper.

His music has always just struck me as very middle of the road, bog standard acoustic blues.  It doesn’t jump out and grab, nor is it groundbreaking in any way.

Before I incur the wrath of many of his disciples, I will dispel a few of the tirades.

Yes, I have heard he’s a god live, but this album isn’t live. And yes, I’ve had the opportunity to see him, but chose to avoid the swirling masses in Byron.

No, I didn’t buy the CD in the first place – my wife did.

Yes, I probably am some soulless heathen comparable to Hitler.

My problem rests on the lack of oomph here.  It is all a little too slick and laid back.  His voice is too high (even for a self-confessed twee-pop and soul fan) especially for the genre. The songs are infinitely predictable and just plain unmemorable.

In the end I prefer the work of his North Melbourne Football club lookalike Daniel Wells.

And so as to ensure I am condemned to eternal damnation by the Harperphiles, if I want some falsetto action I’ll head for Mr. Trent D’Arby:

File under: I’m losing it

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