383. Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama – “There Will be a Light”

I picked up this little collaborative effort after being won over by the septuagenarian Blind Boys up at Bluesfest a few years back.  It seemed a fun why to check out their recording acumen.

I am a bit of a sucker for gospel action, especially when melded with a bit of bluesiness. This is a reasonable effort as Harper pens a set of tunes that capture the essence of the genre, and provides the Blind Boys with ample space to display their still impressive vocal ranges and harmonising. The covers are well-chosen and suitably rousing.

It’s not a life-changing CD in any way (although I guess it could be if you’re looking for a bit of the saving and redemption and all that jazz), but it does work well on a Sunday morning.

As a random aside, we’ve been immersed in The Wire and I have delighted in the Blind Boy’s theme song action (and stunned to see our favourite blind barkeeper cruelly executed last week – ooops, I probably should have said “spoiler alert”!):

File under: More delight than blight


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