Daily Archives: August 6, 2010

389. Headless Chickens – “Body Blow”

I haven’t reviewed a Kiwi band on here for a bit. The last was probably the Datsuns (I’m too lazy to look).

This mob are the odd ones out in my NZ holdings, as they lean towards the electronic rather than organic. And they do a damn fine job in this perilous domain.

At a time when various sample-reliant bands where out and about (Pop Will Eat Itself and Carter USM immediately spring to mind), these guys crafted some less bratty tunes that were dancefloor worthy. As with both mentioned bands, the songs were wordy and sarcastic.

The song that stands out on here was the first single Gaskrankinstation which came with a brilliant clip (only accessible via that link as NZ doesn’t have the internet all worked out yet), and featured some genuinely grungy Taxi Driver-like character development.

But the album has so much more: the super smooth Massive Attack-like Juice that gels so well with Cruise Control; the slap-happy Body Blow; and one of two tracks in my entire collection to teach me Spanish (the other is from Ween):

There is a bit of “fuller” on here, but not much bro… and with a set of bonus remix tracks it is good bang for your buck.

File under: Punch-drunk love