390. Missy Higgins – “Sound of White”

My sassy spouse is denying any knowledge of purchasing this CD, but I’m sure it came into our house via such a route.

Missy is a bit of a mystery to me generally.  She exploded onto the Aussie music stage with this album and was quickly a multimedia megastar. I’ve never quite understood what all this fuss is about.

There are certainly local artists in this vein who I find more engaging and ambitious – Sarah Blasko and The Audreys spring to mind.

This album has three decent songs on it and a series of very dull facsimiles thereof.  The pick of the tunes is the jazzy Casualty, a song where Higgins manipulates her voice in the least annoying fashion over a jaunty white-man faux funk bassline (although this live version is much less enjoyable for the Midday show band feel):

Elsewhere, huge singles Scar and The Special Two do appeal as slightly more lyrically adept than most pop fare. Otherwise this CD is obese with confessional fodder that all melds into one mopey mess.

File under: Please paint if black

One response to “390. Missy Higgins – “Sound of White”

  1. You are mistaken Sir!
    Missy Higgins is an Australian songstress and poet, yes, poet, who your wife should feel no shame about loving. Her music that is:) From this album, The Sound of White is lyrically brilliant, how she tries to capture the confusing feelings of grief is so powerful. From the second album, Steer, just makes you feel you can do anything! The words are very important in her songs. An album a day won’t allow you to dwell too much, but Missy is worth a revisit!

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