391. Hilltop Hoods – “Left Foot, Right Foot”

If there is such a thing as Aussie hiphop royalty, then I guess these blokes would be the wearing the fancy robes, jaunty crowns and wielding sceptres shaped like mics.

They were the first to overcome the cultural cringe about Aussie accented raps and really win over a broad audience.

But that was an album after this one.  Here they are still finding their feet and talking to much narrower, and perhaps more sophisticated, ‘home ground’ crowd.

What is clear is that the MCing maturity and acumen was already well-honed by this release.  The lines are spat out at a rapid pace.  They are funny, and biting, clever and thoughtful.  It is refreshing and liberating to hear language and themes that are much closer to home (despite the occasional Adelaide pronunciations).

The tales of shit jobs, sneaking off on summer days, preferring pubs to clubs and struggling to make it are well-structured.

The weakness, or rather the real area for improvement, is on the musical side of things.  The beats are a little laboured and lacking in variation.  The samples don’t often hook.

There is all a tendency to fall-back on MC battles, which, while amusing and impressive on first listen, to get a little tiresome on repeat play.

File under: Like a stumbling foal


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