392. Hilltop Hoods – “The Calling”

Like an enormous proportion of their fan base, I jumped on the Hoods’ bandwagon with this release.

There was a lot of reasons for that.  Firstly, it was the first time I remember hearing them.  But more than that, it was the first time I heard Aussie hiphop that felt globally competitive.  The rhymes were strong and the samples and beats added up to something catchy and creative.

The guys do a great job of building a strong narrative across the album about their experiences as a band, while showcasing their skills.  I love some of the passages on Dumb Enough (especially the tsunami/origami pairing):

The ‘stickiest’ track is probably the big single too. Nosebleed Section speaks to anyone whose jumped around at the front of any gig hiphop or otherwise.  I love that it’s built around a relatively obscure folksinger vocal too:

The album does quite maintain the quality throughout ther 17 tracks (it gets a bit sloppy on a couple of the ‘guest’ tracks and on Walk On and Working the Mic), but this is stronger than most hiphop longplayers in my collection.

File under: Answer the call

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