394. His Name is Alive – “Ft Lake”

This is probably the biggest mystery CD I’ve reviewed so far.

I’m sure I’d never listened to it before. I probably picked it up at a sale. I was convinced for some reason that it was some ethereal electronic effort, as I had it in mind this was some one-man show, with perhaps a lo-fi bent.

It turns out I was right on the ‘solo genius with a long history of self-released cassettes’. But this is far from an ambient soundscape collection.

Rather it is a fascinating collection of funk-ringed soulful numbers by a full band included a talented female R&B vocalist (as the genius decided to work with lesser mortals for once). It’s at the rocking end of the funk spectrum on a few tracks (e.g. Wish I Had A Wishing Ring):

Other tracks have that indie-pop feel of the more user-friendly Sonic Youth stuff, or perhaps the Clouds.

I’ve been really rapt to find this album hiding in plain sight. I look forward to giving it much more time in the future.

File under: Spend some time by this pond

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