396. Hole – “Live through This”

This is an album that should probably take up its own shelf in my collection given the baggage associated.

Sure Courtney Love is a bit of a nutbag, and perhaps she is a Yoko responsible for the early demise of one of the most important bands of my lifetime.  Maybe her hubby wrote all the songs on here, maybe he didn’t.  Maybe this is a cynical facsimile of what the Seattle grunge sound was all about and a spit in the face to the hard-working womyn of the riot grrl movement.

Whatever!! In the end doesn’t deserve the hating.  It still has a pile of big, rage-filled, rocking tracks that bring back so many memories for me.  I use to throw this CD on regularly and turn Violet and Rockstar and up very, very loud:

I’m sure for a while I was convinced that I did indeed go to school in Olympia.

Given there’s also Miss World, Doll Parts and Jennifer’s Body on here, it is hard to dismiss this album.  For a brief moment in time this was a band who mattered, and this is the record thereof.

File under: Forget the whole, and enjoy this part

One response to “396. Hole – “Live through This”

  1. I love this album! Fun fact — I read on Wikipedia that the song about going to school in Olympia is NOT actually called “Rock Star,” it’s called “Olympia,” and that it replaced the song called “Rock Star” in the track listing after the artwork had already been created for the back cover. “I Think That I Would Die” and “Miss World” are my favorites on the record.

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