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399. The Housemartins – “Now That’s What I Call Quite Good”

Well, I’ve been ridculously tardy in getting to #399. It all started because, in the interests of temporal accuracy, I’d been holding out to listen to the Housemartin’s debut album on vinyl. But the opportunity didn’t arise, I got waylaid by other matters, and finally I’m back having lept forward to this “best of”.

The Housemartins were a bright shining light of the late-80s British music scene who faded too fast, but fueled some other acts already reviewed here.

Their schtick was one I found, and still find, irresistable.  It’s all sugar-sweet whiteman soul, but with slyly sarcastic and biting lyrics.

Paul Heaton’s voice is pure pop gold, and the basslines keep many of the tracks bopping along.  The band is also not afraid to get all a-capella on our asses, and to turn such barbershopping to soul standards.

The best tracks on here mock the British class system, the protestant work ethic, and everything you stand for… but in a way that your grandma would still might praise.

To make up for my slackness these past few weeks, and because these videos should be seen by all, here are three lesser known clips from the lads from Hull:

File under: An understatement