401. Darren Hanlon – “I Will Love You at All”

I have been travelling around Italy for the past three weeks or so, and not listening to much music (it’s pretty antisocial to don headphones when travelling with a delectable spouse).

But when I have been a-listening, this new release has been the go to.  I’ve trying very hard to get into it, to embrace the morphing of an old favourite artist.

Unfortunately, the journeying of Mr.Hanlon is in a direction away from me.

He has lost much of his pop sensibility. Songs are now lengthy, wandering tales.  The wordplay is still excellent, but the pace ponderous.

This is an album of dealing with a breakup, of contemplating the aftermath and the heritage of a relationship that was substantial but is no more.  There is also that continuing theme of a wanderer, rejoicing in memories of place, but lured by the new and unknown.

In light of that summary, clearly this CD is evocative at some level, and has kept my attention, but not with the adoration and joy I’ve felt before.  But vision of Dazza still makes me smile…

File under: It’s (maybe) not you, but me

You won’t see another review from me for at least a week, as I’m out of albums on my iPod until I return to Australia.

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