H = hard going

Wow, the letter H proved a long-drawn out saga, as the lead-up to my month-long absence in Italy seriously curtailed by listening and blogging.  But, after 35 reviews, here are the top 10 on my desert island list:

  1. Darren Hanlon – “Hello Stranger”
  2. PJ Harvey – “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea”
  3. Ed Harcourt – “Here Be Monsters”
  4. The Hold Steady – “Separation Sunday”
  5. PJ Harvey – “Dry”
  6. The Housemartins – “Now That’s What I Call Quite Good”
  7. Darren Hanlon – “Little Chills”
  8. The Housemartins – “London 0 Hull 4”
  9. Hilltop Hoods – “The Hard Road”
  10. Hilltop Hoods – “The Calling”

Only six artists there, but a mix of sounds and styles that’d keep me happy while I constructed my coconut powered jet…

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