405. Icecream Hands – “Memory Lane Traffic Jam”

Icecream Hands seem to have always been around the Melbourne music scene.

Purveyors of a power pop with roots in the work of those Beatles guys (amongst others), and similar in sound (at times) to Weezer, my sense is that the band never achieved anywhere near the success levels they might have deserved.

Indeed, there are fellow Melbourne bands of the power-pop ilk, such as Even and Snout, who I suspect shifted substantially more units than the ‘Iceys’ in the mid-late 90s.  Perhaps it was the persistence with a two-word name that held them back (although that didn’t seem to hurt Big Star).

Anyway, to the CD itself. It’s a well-engineered, well-written and well-executed excursion into the somewhat jangly power-pop world.  Chuck Jenkins has an ideal warm voice for the genre.

The songs are somewhat delicate and take a little time to open up to the listener.  There are no big washes of guitar or killer riffs to grab the attention, nor any massive swings in tempo.  Alas, there aren’t really any super memorable choruses either.

I’m pretty sure this was their full-length debut, and it was a nice entrée into their world, but not a slam dunk in any way.  But, I was willing to persist…

File under: Promising roads ahead

One response to “405. Icecream Hands – “Memory Lane Traffic Jam”

  1. You may be on to something with the two word name. Big Star sold fuck all in their day. Only in the glorious Teenage Fanclub (two word name!) driven 90s renaissance did they finally get the likes of us to buy their records…mind you we were hardly born at the time.

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