406. Icecream Hands – “Sweeter than the Radio”

This is an album with a perfectly apt title.

This is a luscious leap in quality from the Icecream lads.  It envelopes the listener in a sound sadly too absent from the airwaves.

The band isn’t really doing anything new or shocking relative to their prior release.  But, they are executing it so much better.

The songs are warmer, fuller and more contagious. It’s also a music nerd’s delight with several lyrics about bands, about loving songs, and sadly, also about splitting a record collection.

The latter disaster situation has a title (and associated lyric) – Picture Disc From the Benelux – that surely only a long-time record store clerk (lead singer Jenkins was a fixture at the sadly departed Gaslight Records) would pen.

Said tune is a fantastically constructed upbeat number, and this album has several coulda-shoulda-been hits (Dodgy, Yellow and Blue). These are matched with more moody numbers (e.g. Gasworks Park), that in combination place this band in the territory of other retro-ish power poppers such as The Liquor Giants.

I wonder whether Jenkins is also a Seinfeld fan with his sneaky tune about an accidently-exposed nipple:

File under: It twiddles my dials

One response to “406. Icecream Hands – “Sweeter than the Radio”

  1. Are these guys still going, they sounds pretty cool?

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