407. Icecream Hands – “Broken UFO”

For no clear reason, this album was very unfamiliar when I started playing it a couple of days back.

I presumably bought it in a flurry back in 2002, played it a couple of times and shelved it, never to spin it again.

I’m glad I rediscovered it. There is nothing shockingly new here. Chuck and the lads pump another batch of power pop numbers.

As usual, it’s suitably warm, mid-tempo and guitar-based. The lyrics are clever, with some fun music fan references to Badfinger, James Reyne, and most thrillingly for yours truly, Morphine on Coming after you again. There is also a nice companion piece to The FauvesHot Nairobi Nights in The Diplomat’s Daughter.

As is so often the case with 90s Aussie bands in my collection, this CD seems to reflect a lost opportunity for recognition and success.  These guys had a pop sensibility only tempered by their maturity and lack of danger:

File under: Unforgivably Forgotten Output

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