409. JaConfetti -“Rainbow Express”

One of the real joys of our stay in Copenhagen back in 2007 was discovering this local combo.

We were sitting at a cafe one day and a VW Beetle went past carrying two garishly dressed girls throwing confetti and blabbering on about their new album through a megaphone.

We were sufficiently intrigued to seek out the debut release from the ladies (who we discovered to be JaConfetti), and to subsequently attend their launch extravaganza.

Both the CD and gig exceeded our expectations.  The schtick is pure electronic pop shrouded in much bright and shiny stuff.  I’m sure the duo are from an art-school background, with the live event all about costumes, scenery and fun.

The album captures much of these energy and silliness.  The tunes are bubbly, upbeat, with cleverly layered vocals, decent beats, and melodies that evoke sunny cartoon-ness.

Not surprisingly, the band produce over-the-top videos (similar to their potential Aussie equivalent The Grates):

I am saddened by the failure of this band to follow in the footsteps of their countrymen Junior Senior (who are likely to bookend my J reviews) and become indie-disco megastars.

As far as I can see they’ve disappeared from the scene.  I’m guessing they’ll re-emerge as typically successful and happy bike-riding, eco-friendly, fashion designer Danes.

File under: A pot of bright, shiny, glittery gold

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