410. Etta James – “The Best of…”

I presumably picked this album up out of a discount bin on some rampant buying spree.

Etta James is one of those ‘names’ I’d heard dropped as being under-appreciated, cruelly forgotten etc (although the latter is clearly a contradiction once she’s getting mentioned…).

The cover pic and various clips of her floating around the intertubes stand as testament to her being an independent soul that walked a different path to her more svelte, mainstream contemporaries.

She has a standout soul voice, full of power and emotion.  The song choices on this compilation stretch from the very familiar (standards like Leave your hat on and At last) to a whole lot of ‘oh, is that who sings this’ numbers.

A scary number of tracks could be used as a soundtrack to some domestic abuse awareness campaign, except that they’d make it somehow seem glamorous, bearable and justified.

There’s a lot to love on here, and about the much-troubled survivor that is Ms.James.  I dig that she has been a-feuding with Beyonce, and that she thought this cardie worked:

File under: Soul don’t get much betta than Etta

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