411. Jane’s Addiction – “Ritual De Lo Habitual”

This alternative rock classic is a relatively recent addition to my collection, but the content was very, very familiar.

Perry Farrell and the lads were one of the first big US funk-rock acts that I can remember having any affection for (yet, somehow, I didn’t purchase this album back in the day).

There was (and is) a certain easy-listening aspect to their sound, with he high production levels, and a sound much more in tune with Led Zep than their more indie-rock and punk-edged contemporaries.

Farrell’s wailings wrap around Dave Navarro’s piercing and swirling riffs with ease, and the band is not afraid to roll out the big tom runs, the strings, and the rumbling basslines.  This is album that screams out for playing loud.

This is an album of two halves. Up front half are the poppy tracks (the overrated Been Caught Stealing, and the much more infectious Stop):

The back half is where the band really lets rip, with epic gypsy-rock that warrants a big tent and much haze. I guess there was a certain feminity to it all that scared off the blue-collar metal fans, or perhaps it was the gothic pomp (although to me the imagery and attitude has always felt more like grimy, sweaty chemically-enhanced psychedelia), but this should have been even bigger than it was.

File under: Worth stealing


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