414. The Jesus Lizard – “Down”

Sometimes I’ve just bought an album on the basis of distinctive or intriguing cover art, a vague understanding of the band’s reputation, and a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

The Jesus Lizard Down album cover dog fallingSuch an alignment of the planets must have happened at the local second-hand store when I purchased this CD.

This is reportedly one of the more listener-friendly of The Jesus Lizard’s early output.  Everything’s relative I guess.

I’ve never had much love for this sort of jarring noise rock.  I do appreciate the punk aesthetic at either end of the spectrum – the trashy, garage sloppiness of the Ramones or the more hard edged, but fast-paced work of the Descendents (and occasionally the Dead Kennedys), but this middle ground leaves me pretty cold.

I don’t get much out of this bass-heavy dirge and David Yow’s awkward vocal stylings.  I guess these guys were influential, as I remember seeing far too many local bands ripping off the sound in the early  ’90s.  I suspect it would have been a lot better to see The Jesus Lizard live than any of them however:

File under: Not one to pick up


One response to “414. The Jesus Lizard – “Down”

  1. Heathen!

    (Although I do prefer Liar or Goat – I think they’re better albums)

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