415. Jet – “Get Born”

I do feel slightly conflicted with this album, as I have the vaguest of a personal connection to the band.

album cover get born jet debut CD ReviewThey went to the same high school as me (although long after I’d moved on), and my brother’s (sole?)  claim to Melbourne street cred is that he saw them play at a local fete when they were 14 year-olds.

I’m also challenged by the enormous backlash these boys have copped almost from day one.

Let’s just say the history teachers at St.Bede’s should be very, very proud of the lessons these lads learnt. Much of the material here is a finely distilled version of what has come before in the rock world.  But, hey, that’s not a new thing either.

Sure, this sounds like some modern-day facsimile of (amongst others) the Beatles, the Stones, various Motown artists, and AC/DC.

But, so what?  In the end, these guys have that hard-to-quantify magic so many acts lack – that knack for producing catchy, rocking tunes. Pop music is all about walking that tightrope where songs sound both completely familiar and also irresistible.  For a few weeks in 2003, these guys did that with Roll Over DJ, Cold Hard Bitch and that iPod ad:

Is this a great album (e.g. should it be in Australia’s top 100 EVER?) No, it has loads of filler and is a hodge-podge of incongruous styles.  Are those three singles worth the CD purchase? Yeah, they are.

File under: From Dingley to Lake Como

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