416. Jetpetz – “Jetpetz”

This album is the CD equivalent of the morning after the night before.

You know how it is. You wake with your head throbbing, and a creeping sense of concern about what might have led to the current messy state of affairs.

It quickly dawns on you that what seemed a very sensible and alluring idea last night is now snoring next to you and not the pretty picture you recall.

That’s pretty much how this CD ended up on the shelf.  My lovely spouse and I ventured to a gig in some university campus bar in Copenhagen, giggled at all the bright young things in their pimple-faced finery, supped beer in plastic cups, and saw this local outfit launch this debut album.

For some brief moment the energy, the bright lights, the enthusiasm of the band and the crowd all grabbed hold of us, and we ignored our reservations and purchased the band’s opus.

In the cold light of day (well, three years later) there is little to recommend about this album.  It is try-hard, over-produced, ’80s-influenced pop-rock with  nothing catchy (which is a good thing to discover on the morning after, but not when it’s music). Think Divinyls or Baby Animals:

File under: Hangovers are over-rated

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