420. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – “Naturally”

The woman whose wild, wagging hips shimmied Syl down my gig of the year list was Ms. Sharon Jones and her regal Dap-gang.

Shazza has wowed my repeatedly in the live arena with her sass and soul.  Shows from this 50-ish lady and her well-dressed band are truly a thing of beauty.

I defy all but the spinally-damaged to not find themselves bewitched and bouncing along to every tune these guys ever play.

This album is a glorious exercise in timelessness revivalism.  Without prior knowledgem I would place it’s provenance as being mid-1960s (rather than 2006).  Each tracks sounds like an immediate classic (yet only once is a cover).

SJ bemoans the meaness of her man, his dragginess, his failure to commit, and her desire to let him down for being too good (!).  Meanwhile, the tightest band since the Funk Soul Brothers makes it all sound sexy and sultry:

I’ve listened to this album all day long (as I have numerous times since purchase) and I haven’t tired of it yet. I aspire to be a NBL who TCB…

File under: She’s taking care of business

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