Daily Archives: November 20, 2010

426. Kasey Chambers – “Little Bird”

Here’s another recent purchase.

There was much excitement around our abode at the news of a new Chambers album.  Here is an artist who unites my wife, my mother-in-law and I in mutual admiration.

I was surprised, once I thought about it, how long it’d been since a genuine solo Chambers album. She’d been off collaborating (very successfully) with her hubbie, and also did a children’s album I need to review also.

I’d call this CD a return to form, if it wasn’t for the fact that KC hasn’t really dropped the ball along the way.  Instead this album should be seen as the latest installment in her evolution, whole also capturing much of where she’s been before.

It is an unashamedly country album, but with a modern-pop twist when it takes her fancy. She rocks out superbly on a couple of tracks (Train Wreck is a standout), but also experiments with some old-time bluegrass on a track you’d swear she dug up from some traditional songbook (Georgia Brown – she also reworks the tailend of  Train Wreck into a banjo-fuelled tune).

Not everything works. Nullarbor is too cloyingly twee for my liking, but I’ll accept some misjudged indulgences, because Kasey doesn’t need or like to be told what to do (as the title track proclaims):

File under: Another feather in her cap/stetson