Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

432. Kaiser Chiefs – “Yours Truly, Angry Mob”

Songs built around the name of a female were forever spoiled for me when Beautiful South penned the very biting Song for Whoever.

I am thus torn when I throw on this CD and immediately hear about Ruby, especially as the chorus pretty much just consists of repeating said moniker at rapid fire.

Now, the lads might be honouring July’s birthstone, using cockney slang for a curry, or even serenading a spaniel I know, but the smart money’s on the combo of there maybe being a lass called Ruby, or that the band couldn’t think of anything more substantial to sing:

The single in question personifies all that is good and all that is frustrating about this album.

These guys have more ability than most bands floating around.  The songwriting is full of clever turns of phrase and pacing tricks. They have mastered the post-mod, new-wave British sound.  They could well be the new Jam, but they just don’t seem to be pushing it hard enough. 

Ruby is about 90% towards being a great track, and much of the album teases and disappoints in that fashion.  There’s a lot that is pleasant to listen to, but nothing has the edge or the memorability I craved.

But let’s blame the BS:

File under: Unacceptably unruly