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435. Killdozer – “For Lovers Only”

I’ve reviewed a couple of albums where one artist covers a variety of standards, but none quite compare to this collection from Killdozer.

The choice of songs is a starting point – ‘classics’ from Bad Company, Deep Purple, Elvis, Steve Miller and Don McLean among others.  All 1970s FM fodder of the highest (or should that be lowest order).

And then there’s the Killdozer sound.  Vocalist Michael Gerald has an unmistakable growl that presages the sound I love from the Black Diamond Heavies.  Behind that is some delightfully dirty, sloppy but pounding garage rock  (that preempted that whole ‘grunge’ thing).

This is dirge-rock with a huge serving of humour and irony.  The band actually sticks pretty close to the originals in terms of tempo, but just turn up the dial on the swampy campness and screaming guitars.  The production is surprisingly adept (although perhaps not that surprising when you note it’s Butch Vig at the desk).

This is worth owning to hear American Pie get taken to its logical, ridiculous singalong end, and the Burning Love Elvis should have produced.

Alas, I can find no vids from this album, but someone’s done a great job of overddubbing a Deep Purple clip with the Killdozer cover:

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