Daily Archives: December 10, 2010

440. Kings Of Leon – “Youth and Young Manhood”

My brother’s name is Leon, and we have innovated a dish (Vegemite and melted cheese on toast) at our Friday café that we call the “King Leon”.

In my version of music history, the three Followill brothers plus cousin travelled forward in time to a couple of weeks ago to steal and then adapt said name.  They perhaps also spied my bro’s beard and said “hirsuteness may well be the key to future success”.

Anyway, I was presumably predisposed to seeking out this act back when they were still under-known.  And what I heard (and hear) thrilled me.

This debut album is filled will southern boogie rock of the highest order.  Singer Followill (I don’t feel they need first names) has a wonderfully haggard voice that belies his youth (which may have something to do with the title), while the rhythm and riffs are what so many bands have sought but not achieved.

This album always makes me think of the bands contemporaries Jet and the extent to which this is a much more coherent and distinctive debut, packed as it is with even better singles. Check out this quartet of tunes (and facial hair) – this band should have been destined for much greatness (until they lose their shagginess in the last clip):

File under: Youthful promise