442. Kissing Book – “Lines and Color”

For a period of time I was pretty susceptible to recommendations of unheard acts that were compared to or associated with Melbourne act The Lucksmiths.

This act from Portland, Oregon had toured with said band around the US, and I picked this album as a result (a similar situation lead to my first dalliance with Belle and Sebastian).

It is exactly what you might expect (and what I’d assumed): very softly-softly, sparse tunes.

It is so delicate and twee it almost feels like it’s struggling to be heard over the threatening ambient noise of even a quiet office/loungeroom.

The vocals are slightly warbly and very skinny/cardigan-wearing in tone.  There is an abundance of do-do-do-dos, and the jangly tambourine, treble-dominant guitar lines and lazy bass, yet it never quite nails the catchy, endearing acoustic pop I presume they are searching for.

There are some moments where they do get it pretty right (e.g. Sad City), and they do try to suck up with me by namechecking my hometown (on Melbourne, AU), but all in all this is anemic album unable to sate my appetite for poppy goodness.

File under: Needs more shading…and colour and movement…

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