Daily Archives: December 17, 2010

446. Ben Kweller – “On My Way”

Earlier this week I caught a screening of 80s teen-vampire flick ‘Lost Boys’ at a rooftop cinema.

All performances by humans/vampires were laughably bad.  The only passable acting was the malamute who played Nanook.

The three such canines on the cover of this album are almost the best things about it.

Kweller abandons much that was exciting about his debut on this CD.  He slows it all down and gets all earnest singer-songwriter. His vulnerable voice is exposed and the songwriting seems rushed and is just too dull.

He does deliver one keeper in the title track, which manages to sound like he’s ad-libbing a series of variations (folk music style) and has a cool line about karate:

When, some time in the distance future, they produce a double aural implant of Benjamin Kweller Esquire’s greatest hits, I’m thinking that’ll be only song from this album you’ll find.

Perhaps he should have covered this song (and hired the sax player – who reportedly played with Tina Turner in the 80s):

File under: It’s my way, or the highway Benny Boy