449. The Audreys – “Sometimes the Stars”

Before I enter L, I’ll slide back up to A for this recent-ish release.

Ialbum cover sometimes the stars CD Review the audreys delivered gushing reviews of the first two Audrey’s releases (here and there), so was pretty keen to hear this newbie.

This is not an album that is likely to surprise (unless you’ve never heard the band before… and even then the album cover gives some hint to the well-dressed, mature, slick contents therein).

The band has shrunk to just two protagonists – the silky voiced Taasha and fellow stringplucker Tristan, but the sound is still layered and lush.

The vocals are even smokier and honey-like, while the country-stylings aren’t as obvious as they were back on the debut.

As I’ve exclaimed before Taasha really does have a luscious voice, and here it serves as a perfect counterpoint to delicate string arrangements. If anything, this effort brings to mind the work of Martha Wainwright, but with a stronger, less plaintive voice.

The album is much more of a grower than the band’s first two releases, and there isn’t an obvious single or crowdpleaser among the 10 tracks.  I can imagine seeing this performed live in some salubrious lounge-bar, ensconced in a velvet-lined booth supping upon a Godfather.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t match up with my imagery:

File under: Sorta stellar

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