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451. The La’s – “The La’s”

A new year and a new letter.

The La's The Las Album cover CD I headed indoors for the Christmas-New Years break with very good intentions of bringing this blog somewhat closer to its increasingly inaccurate title, but I got bogged down with this here CD.

It’s not because the album is a tough listen.  In fact it’s the opposite.  This is an album that sounds great at first hearing (my wife’s reaction to hearing it reflects this – she loved it).

It holds up to numerous plays, as it reveals itself to be a disarmingly timeless take on 1960s-era British Invasion pop-rock.  It belies its 1990 release date by sounding less retro and try-hard than Oasis et al.

I’m sure it’s something to do with production processes, as it is an album with both lots of space and a more modern spaciness.  The songwriting is superb and seemingly effortless:

Of course, this is album burdened with one enormous standout track (the Merseyside classic There She Goes). Said track feels a little out of place here as its jangly infectiousness is both bolder and less balanced than its brethren.

This album has been played at least twenty times over the past four or five days around our house.  I’ve enjoyed each and every listen.  It’s up there with the Avalanches single album effort as one screaming for a follow-up.

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