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454. The Last Poets – “The Last Poets”

I bought this CD from the same Vietnamese retailer as the Lamontagne album (I guess they’d alphabetised pretty well).

This combo of black-power poetisisers are one of the frequently cited forebears of hip-hop, and I already was familiar with their track When The Revolution Comes from a couple of different compilations.

This 1970 debut album is a pretty mindblowing collection of bongo-backed tirades about the plight of the black man (and presumably woman) in post-civil rights, economically depressed, Black Panther-framed inner-urban milieu (or something like that).

If you’ve ever heard any of Gil Scott Heron‘s work then you’ve got a good sense of the style, content and right-on-ness of this album.

If anything these guys are angrier, less hep-catty, and much more willing to throw around the nigger word than GSH:

This is highly entertaining stuff. It’s beat poetry without all the skivvy wearing and artiness.  It stands also as a testament to an important moment in history.

You can’t dance to it, but then, there ain’t too much spoken word that you can.

File under: The seed they sew’d it